Our Mission

To provide unmatched cleaning services and empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry.

EclatNYC is committed to being a beacon of innovation, excellence, and sustainability. Our mission transcends traditional cleaning, focusing on eco-friendly practices and a dedication to environmental stewardship. We strive to mold a sustainable future and positively impact our community by integrating green methods and nurturing business growth. Eclatnyc is more than a service provider; we are a visionary enterprise committed to the dual goals of creating cleaner, healthier spaces and fostering successful, sustainable entrepreneurial journeys in the cleaning industry.

Our Story

Created by Jimmy Geffrard, a Columbia University and Zicklin Business School Graduate, EclatNYC is the embodiment of a passion for sustainability transformed into a dynamic business model. With a background enriched by education and a deep commitment to eco-friendly practices, Jimmy founded EclatNYC to revolutionize New York’s cleaning industry.

EclatNYC’s journey began with a clear, dual mission: to deliver unparalleled cleaning services in both residential and commercial sectors and to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning business, guiding them towards achieving success and scalability. This vision, conceived and nurtured by Jimmy, transcended the traditional scope of a cleaning company, setting EclatNYC apart as both a leader in its field and a catalyst for growth within the industry.

Under Jimmy’s leadership, EclatNYC quickly distinguished itself through its commitment to quality and sustainability. The company became known for its eco-friendly cleaning methods and products, showcasing that high standards of cleanliness could be achieved without harming the environment. This approach reflected not just a business strategy, but a core value of the company and its founder, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Beyond just cleaning services, EclatNYC evolved to offer comprehensive business consulting, targeting both emerging and established cleaning businesses. The company’s holistic approach included developing business models, providing SEO optimization, conducting market research, and offering marketing support. This broad spectrum of services was designed to equip clients with the tools, knowledge, and strategy needed to thrive in the competitive New York cleaning industry.


What truly differentiates EclatNYC is its commitment to social impact, a principle deeply ingrained by Jimmy. The company operates with the belief that its success is intertwined with the well-being of the community it serves. Through various initiatives, EclatNYC contributes to the social betterment, reinforcing the idea that businesses can and should be a force for good.


In summary, EclatNYC, under Jimmy Geffrard’s visionary leadership, is more than just a provider of cleaning services. It stands as a testament to how a business can integrate exceptional service with a profound commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As the company continues to grow and make its mark on New York, it remains steadfast in its mission: to clean and empower, one space and one entrepreneur at a time, all while upholding the values of sustainability and community engagement that are central to its identity.